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Our Mission

To honor children's intrinsic passion for learning and inspire curiosity through holistic, nature-based education.

Our Vision

To cultivate healthy, compassionate, confident, environmentally conscious members of society who have the wisdom and courage to follow their dreams and contribute with conviction to the world.

How much time is spent outside?

Nature is one of the main classrooms at MRS.  Our community will be outside for at least two hours a day and depending on emerging curriculums or other scheduled adventures, this time might be longer.  If our students are excited about climbing a tree, building a fort in the snow, or following a hopping frog, we want to make sure they have the space and time to see these journeys through.
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What is holistic nature-based education?

Holistic nature-based education allows children to unfold to their fullest potential-- emotionally, socially, intellectually, physically, creatively, artistically, and spiritually (non-sectarian). The children learn about themselves as individuals and as part of a community while speaking a language of kindness, respect and compassion for all. Nature is one of the main classrooms in which children learn through nature-based activities and open explorations. Drawing on their innate knowing, children cultivate empathy and understanding by exploring the connection between all living things.
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