How To Budget: Meadows 2nd and 3rd Grade Class

Food Lab 1.jpg

In preparation for the Mountain River School all day, outdoor adventure to Beaver Meadow on Monday, November 5th students in the Meadows (2nd and 3rd) Class brainstormed which foods would be good to prepare, pack and consume on this day. After coming up with a list of food items the students measured the number of calories in some of the food items by burning them and recording the data.  The students noticed that a marshmallow, while delicious, burned quicker than a piece of beef jerky. The students concluded that food items that burned longer would be better suited for our hike as they would keep us fueled longer. The students then created a list of food items (prepared and ingredients to create food) as well as a budget. Next, the Meadows Class took a trip to Hannaford grocery store in Morrisville, VT with lists and budget in hand.  They had to find all the ingredients, while staying within their budget. Finally, the students will prepare all the food for our upcoming adventure. Back at school the students will prepare and administer a survey based on their food preparation.

Mountain River School