Forest Food Study

In the coming weeks the Forest (4-6 grade) students will be conducting research based on the driving question, "can food increase mood?". Parents and students have graciously volunteered to participate in a study revolving around this. This week the students created a survey of questions that will be asked for all the participants in the study. They also created the food diary for those that will be adding foods to their diet. An initial baseline survey has been e-mailed out, which we will ask to be filled out three times throughout the first week. The Forest students put a lot of effort into considering time constraints in regards to participants' schedules. They did a wonderful job creating surveys and a food diary that can be completed quickly. We also began researching foods that contain one of 10 nutrients that are said to increase mood. These foods will be compiled into a list that test participants following the "diet" will be able to choose from to incorporate into their daily meals and snacks.

Mountain River School