Red Squirrel/Gray Squirrel

During the Winter months the students in the Rivers K-1 Class has been learning how Animals Adapt for Winter. To learn how squirrels adapt for winter we played, “Red Squirrel, Gray Squirrel” a game in which each child (squirrel) hides acorns (beans) in the “Fall” (3 minutes). If the student was a gray squirrel they were allowed to hide their 12 acorns in 6 or more spots.  If the students were a red squirrel they were allowed to hide their acorns in 3 or less spots. After all the acorns were hidden the students came back to a common spot. It then became the first month of winter. Each had 30 seconds to find at least three acorns and bring them back to a central location to survive the first month of winter. If they did not come back with 3 beans they were “squirrel angels” and were able to help other squirrels find acorns. We continued this for a second “month” and a third “month”.  At the end of the game we explored the question, “Did more gray squirrels or did more red squirrels survive the winter?” Each time we played more gray squirrels survived the winter, which led us to believe that hiding acorns in more spots help alleviate other animals taking their whole pile of acorns.

Mountain River School