What Can Animal Tracks Tell Us?

The students learned how to identify an animal by using tracks found in the snow. Bob Acabbo, from the USDA Fish and Wildlife Department came in to teach the children how to identify an animal based on the tracks it produces.  He taught the children to look for patterns. Does the animal walk in a straight line or does it saunter side to side and how can you tell? Bob taught them how to use the information on the side of the track identification card to easily figure out which animal made each track based on just how they walk.  

He also taught the students to look for how the animal moves (large steps, hops, under the snow, etc).  He asked them to think about where the tracks were made (near the water, in the woods, etc).

Finally, he showed them other ways to look for signs of animals such as a deer bed or a tree knocked down by a beaver.