How Can We Help The Osprey?

Meadows students have been busy researching about the osprey and their environmental challenges as part of their collaboration with the Waterway Stage Theatre and ECHO Center in Burlington, Vermont.  The students took part in writing their theatrical script, embedding in ideas from research, as well as keeping in mind both lighting and sounds cues. The students chose their roles and begin the rehearsal process. Once the Meadows chose their Waterway play roles they began rehearsing their lines and movements.  Students also began designing and creating their props and costumes. Once all those components were in place they began blocking with our contact from the Very Merry Theatre. After many weeks of preparation the Meadows finished creating their props and costumes for their play on the osprey. They practiced blocking and rehearsing their lines, culminating in an all-school dress rehearsal on the Friday before the show!

Mountain River School