Dream Playground Design Challenge


The children in the Meadows (2-3 class) and the Rivers (K-1) class worked in small groups to create dream playgrounds out of natural items. This mini lesson has launched the students Place Based exploration of play.  Essential questions that will be explored include, what is play, why is it important and what do we learn from it? Students ideas/designs were inspired by past experiences, imagination, natural materials and a collaborative mindset. The playgrounds included climbing structures, zip and slacklines, obstacle courses, a working pulley, a baseball stadium, a hot tub (which included its own covered wood pile), trampolines and a gondola. When a group was asked about how they were planning on powering their water slide, they shared their hydro-power plans which included a river, dam and a water wheel. A next step in this project includes learning about the 12 different types of play and identifying the types of play played with in our school community.

Mountain River School