Introduction to Ice Building

During the week of January 7th students in the Meadows (2nd and 3rd grade class)  revisited the works of the contemporary artist, Andy Goldsworthy. Using some of his ice sculpting projects as inspiration, students were introduced to their next major project, Ice Building.  Students previewed the tools, steps, and timeline for the project and then explored some of these elements on a smaller-scale project. Students were tasked with making a small ice sculpture measuring taller than wider, to prepare for the larger, whole-class project starting the following week.

Mountain River School
How To Make Apple Pie and See The World: Rivers Kindergarten and First Grade Class

As part of our “Food Theme” the students in the River’s Class wanted to know…”Where Does Our Food Come From”?

For our first project we read the book, How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World, by Marjorie Priceman.

The little girl in the book wants to make apple pie, but the store is closed so she decided to travel around the world to gather ingredients.  She travels to Italy (wheat for flour), France (chicken for eggs), Sri Lanka (bark of a Kurundu tree for cinnamon), England (Cow for milk), Ocean (saltwater for salt), Jamaica (sugar cane) and finally Vermont for apples.  

We were lucky that the store was open for us, but we did travel to Hunger Mountain Orchards in Waterbury, VT to pick our own apples.  

On Wednesday, we made the dough using these ingredients:

Flour-Norwich, VT



The students found these places on the map and connected them to the correct ingredients.  

On Thursday, we made the filling using these ingredients:

Sugar- Brooklyn, NY

Flour-Norwich, VT

Lemon Juice- California



The students found these places on the map and connect them to the correct ingredients.

Finally on Friday we were able to taste our pie!  

Two thumbs up!

Mountain River School
How To Budget: Meadows 2nd and 3rd Grade Class
Food Lab 1.jpg

In preparation for the Mountain River School all day, outdoor adventure to Beaver Meadow on Monday, November 5th students in the Meadows (2nd and 3rd) Class brainstormed which foods would be good to prepare, pack and consume on this day. After coming up with a list of food items the students measured the number of calories in some of the food items by burning them and recording the data.  The students noticed that a marshmallow, while delicious, burned quicker than a piece of beef jerky. The students concluded that food items that burned longer would be better suited for our hike as they would keep us fueled longer. The students then created a list of food items (prepared and ingredients to create food) as well as a budget. Next, the Meadows Class took a trip to Hannaford grocery store in Morrisville, VT with lists and budget in hand.  They had to find all the ingredients, while staying within their budget. Finally, the students will prepare all the food for our upcoming adventure. Back at school the students will prepare and administer a survey based on their food preparation.

Mountain River School
Food Rules Forest 4th-6th Grade Class

As part of the overlying food theme, that students at Mountain River School are participating in this year, students in the Forest Class (4th-6th) have been learning how to maintain a healthy diet as they participated in group discussions and analysis of Michael Pollan's book "Food Rules".  Through learner centered discussions that took place each day the class collaborated to develop their own food rules to follow. The students asked clarifying questions, discussed the pros and cons to each rule and finally used all of these to place the food rules into categories showing whether they agreed with the rule or disagreed and why. The students are currently working on writing persuasive essays encouraging others to follow the food rules that they created. Their hope is to persuade others to follow the rules they think are most important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  

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