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Our Mission


To inspire children’s lifelong passion for learning and cultivate healthy, compassionate, environmentally-conscious individuals who follow their dreams and contribute with conviction to the world.


Is MRS a holistic, nature-based, and/or place-based school?

MRS believes that children must unfold to their fullest potential: emotionally; socially; intellectually; physically, creatively, artistically, and spiritually (nonsectarian). Our approach honors all parts of a child’s development and offers opportunities to learn in a nurturing, learner-centered environment focusing on core skills, leadership, self-awareness, and mastery of foundational curriculum and project-based learning. (Link back to place-based model)

As children learn about themselves as individuals and become part of a community, they learn to speak a language of kindness, respect, and compassion for all. Exposure to nature helps students explore the connection between all living things, drawing upon their own innate knowing, intuition, and empathy. We practice daily mindfulness practices and are committed to cultivating and deepening our own awareness, personal relationships, and connections with community.
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MRS Values

Mountain River School believe in the following core values:

Communication: We believe that open communication leads to collaborative practice.

Authenticity: We lead an honest and heart-centered life.

Mindfulness: We build awareness of mind, body, and heart.

Inclusivity: We strive to understand diverse perspectives.

Creativity: We foster a culture of imaginative thought and risk-taking.

Stewardship: We care for people and place.

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