Collaborative Circle Art

This year we looked at the work of Lea Anderson, an artist and educator who graduated from our own San Diego State. Her work is a great example of unity and variety in work. I love the way she plays with natural shapes and the way she incorporates patterns in these shapes. There is a strong sense of connectedness in her individual pieces and her larger body of work too.

I showed the students a photo from her Imitation Organics series and I had the students identify how she created unity and variety. After this, I asked students to draw and cut out a circle or oval shape from the paper that was at their table. They then had to create at least 2 patterns on it with the color sticks and markers. What the patterns were, and how they were arranged were entirely up to the individual student.

Each day of this project I had students work with a different set of analogous colors- r/y/o, b/g/y, and r/v/b. Next week I plan to have students come down during my additional class size reduction times and  assemble and glue these shapes onto large sheets of white butcher paper that have 4' circles drawn on them. Once all the pieces are glued, we will assemble them on the back wall of the auditorium.

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shan palmer