A new type of learning game for 3-6 year old designers and their curious parents.

As parents of Sonny (4) and Annie (2), we want to spend as much quality time as possible with our children. For us, the love of learning and the ability to solve problems creatively are essential skills for the connection economy of the 21st century. The latest scientific research shows that the best period for learning in our lives is between age 0-6 (700 synapses created per second sounds like a big deal to us).

Yet very few of the children’s games, toys and activities currently available on the market stimulate co-creation and creative problem solving that truly match the learning abilities and brain potential at this age. So we saw an opportunity and decided to do something about it.

Young children transform every situation in our daily lives into a learning experience. Our main goal is to engage them in meaningful, fun and challenging ways, to teach them how to care about themselves and the world they live in. Because later in life, this is the way artists, designers, architects, engineers, developers, teachers or entrepreneurs live, work and solve problems in new and exciting ways.

This is why, together with our son and co-creator Sonny we invented Red Paper Plane - a new type of learning game for the whole family.

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shan palmer