Forest Kindergarten – A Better Way to Teach our Young Children?

Do your children tend to fight more when they are stuck inside watching TV or playing video games all day? Mine do. They usually end up fighting, are more aggressive, moody, easily irritated and bored and not very talkative. However, when they spend the whole day outdoors in nature, they are the total opposite: happy, excited, love to tell stories…just in a great mood!

That’s why I am such a big fan of Forest Kindergartens and I really wished my kids attended one. No matter what season or weather condition, the kids are encouraged to play and explore the forest or other natural environment with adult supervision. The adults are assisting rather than leading the traditional way in the regular school system.

Forest Kindergartens are very popular in Europe, especially in Germany, Denmark and Switzerland. Germany has currently over 1000 forest kindergartens and it’s popularity is growing rapidly in other European countries. I have read many news articles of kids with ADD who have been ‘cured’ without medication by simply switching to a Forest Kindergarten. I have also read that these kids are better problem solvers, have ahigher critical thinking, are more creative and show more perseverance once they enter primary school.

We had many questions about forest kindergartens in general and the movement in the US and are excited to post this SafBaby exclusive interview with the leader of the US Forest Kindergarten movement and founder Erin Kenny of Cedarsong Forest Kindergarten located in the state of Washington. She also shares some tips for overly anxious parents.

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shan palmer